Privacy Policy

Lingualia SL ( takes the matter of user privacy very seriously and is committed to correct handling procedures for personal data.
In this Privacy Policy, the collection, processing, use and disclosure of personal data, in addition to the management of all personal information provided by the Users themselves will be explained. If you wish to make a query or if you have any doubts about this policy, please get in touch on the contact page

Lingualia’s activity (“Activity”) is subject to the Terms and Conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) and this Privacy Policy which can both be amended by Lingualia without notice.


Data collection

Use of personal information


Third party websites

Publication of personal information

Data modification

Confidentiality and security

Contacting Lingualia

1. Data collection

When Users register with Lingualia, certain personal information is collected such as: full name, email address, date of birth, sex, languages spoken, languages the user wishes to learn, and other personal information voluntarily put forward on the part of the user such as a Profile photograph.

Lingualia registers information received from your computer and your browser including your IP address, information from cookies on, software, hardware, and certain navigational characteristics, and the address of the Website which brought you to Lingualia.

In addition to this , when using the Website, Lingualia collects personal information when the Users carry out certain activities such as: writing their Profile, connecting with other users, sending messages, carrying out searches and consulting information, signing up to events, courses, and other activities. Lingualia stores this information indefinitely. When the user updates their personal information, Lingualia may save a back-up version of the previous information for a certain amount of time in order for it to be restored if necessary.

If the User uses Lingualia’s invitation service to invite a friend to the Website, the email of that friend will be required. Lingualia will automatically send that friend an invitation to the email address specified inviting them to visit the Website. Lingualia can store this information to send more than one invitation. The friend may contact Lingualia and request that their information be removed from the database.


2. Use of personal information

Lingualia will use all personal information which has been collected from the User for the following: Providing the Service, Answering your questions and comments, Contacting you via post or email (or via other channels) to provide you with information about the Service, Carrying out anonymous analysis of statistics for both internal use and external clients, Personalising the content of the Website, Personalising the adverts, Resolving issue, Collecting payments, Solving problems, Understanding and Analysing usage trends and User preferences, Preventing potentially illegal activities, and Carrying out any other activity of which the user has been informed of at the point of data collection. In addition, Lingualia will use this personal information to assure adherence to the Terms and Conditions of use.

When the Users use the Service, they can create their Personal profile, make friends, send message, search, resolve doubts, sign up to events, courses and activities as well as transmit information through a variety of channels. Lingualia stores this information in order to provide a quality Service and offer personalised functions.
Lingualia will not monitor the information that Users provide in their Profile, but it does reserve the right to cancel any Profile which violates Conditions, third-party rights, and, if it is believed to be reprehensible and/or offensive.


3. Cookies

A cookie is a small text file which a web server sends to each User’s browser upon being accessed. The cookie is then implanted in the User’s computer hard drive gathering up relative information about the User.

The user can configure their browser to accept all cookies, reject all cookies, or programme their browser to notify of any cookies being received in order to prevent installation of cookies onto their hard drive.
All Users understand and accept that if cookies are not permitted, they will not have access to the totality of the Lingualia Service, for example, access to characteristics which require registration or a User account will be denied.

Lingualia allows other organisations to display Adverts and offer services on its website, sent their own cookies to the users’ browsers and access any information stored there. What these organisations do with their cookies is subject to their own Privacy Policies and not Lingualia’s policy. Lingualia accepts no responsibility for third party cookies which are unrelated to Lingualia’s Service. Neither advertisers nor third-party businesses have access to the information contained in Lingualia’s cookies.


4. Third-party websites

The websites which the User can access via Lingualia are not covered by this Privacy Policy.
Lingualia recommends that you carefully examine the privacy policy of each website and understand the collection, processing, use and disclosure of personal data.


5. Publication of personal information

Lingualia discloses all information contained in the User Profile, except for emails and passwords, to other Website users whether they are registered or not, including people who search for connections on the Website and support other functions of the Website.

Lingualia will not rent, sell, or share any personal User information with third parties, with the exception of those lending products or services as requested by the Users themselves, and with their exclusive consent under the following circumstances:
a) In order to answer to subpoenas, court orders, and legal processes.
b) When Lingualia considers it necessary to share information in order to investigate, prevent or react towards illegal activities, possible suspicions of fraud, threats of physical violence against someone, violations of the Conditions, and in any case where there are legal requirements.
c) In the event of a change of management or operations department, including but not limited to a merger, acquisition, reorganisation, restructuring and/or any other transfer or all or part of Lingualia’s assets, or the transfer of Website operation.

The User understands and accepts that all information which is made available online is visible to the public, and that any information which is provided voluntarily can be collected and used by third-parties who may send unsolicited messages to the User.


6. Data modification

The User can modify any data which has been submitted to the Service at any time.
In order to do this, the User must access their account where there will be able to edit their personal Profile. There, the user can modify their email address and passwords, change information such as their photo, languages which they speak, languages which they are learning, country, city, sex, date of birth, job, relationship status and any other piece of personal information about the User.


7. Confidentiality and security

Lingualia provides access to users’ personal information only to those employees who specifically require it in order to carry out their work in providing this Service.
Lingualia implements specific physical, electronic, and logical security measures and procedures, in accordance with data protection legislation. However, the security of online data transmissions can never be 100% guaranteed. Therefore, Lingualia cannot assure nor guarantee the security of information uploaded by the User onto the Website.
The User can unsubscribe from Lingualia mailing lists from their Profile.


8. Contactar con Lingualia

The User can request a copy of their personal information which is stored by Lingualia on the Website, and request that Lingualia update, modify, or even delete said information.

Users can contact Lingualia via the contact page or by writing to:
Lingualia SL, Pje. Ventura Feliu 15 - E1B, 46.007 Valencia (SPAIN)