Lingualia education solution

Online language learning solution designed to bring the education to the next level

What is Lingualia Education Solution?

The Lingualia Solution for Education centres complements the traditional language courses offered by language schools and language travel agencies. Our tool helps to reinforce the lessons with exercises that students can do from their computers, tablets or smartphones anywhere inside or outside of the classroom and allows the teacher to know the progress of their students in detail.

Boost your Brand

We customize the platform to keep your brand always visible. You will enhance your corporate image and provide innovation and quality to your clients. Give your clients the most complete service that will help you to differentiate your business from your competitors.

A tailored solution

Get a more competitive business in an increasingly digital world. In Lingualia we analyze your needs and we provide a tool to complement the traditional classes and maximize its benefits. Getting Lingualia integrated in your business is fast and easy, it doesn’t require any investment and we take care of everything.

Personalised monitoring

Have access to the real-time progress of your students. Lingualia generates detailed reports that help establishing deadlines and identify the most difficult concepts in order to reinforce find weaknesses. These functions are available in a record time thanks to our unparalleled technology.

Adaptive Learning

We use the power of computer engineering to provide a learning system that meets the interests, motivations and language level of each student. Our intelligent assessments keep you informed of the whole progress. That’s how we increase the motivation and optimize the learning process.

Smart assessments

The students have continuous feedback that keeps them informed of their progress and lets them set their own goals. Lingualia helps students from schools, universities or language institutions to be ready to compete in a globalized scenario.

Content with international standards

Our method has been developed by a team of philologists and engineers experts in Adaptive Learning with one goal in mind: To adapt the content to the current consumer habits while respecting the standards of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Recommended for exam preparation or obtaining official degrees.

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