Learn languages

Learning a new language can open doors to world of opportunities.
Perhaps you work for a multinational company and you want to take your career to the next level, or maybe you love to travel and you want to make new friends wherever you go. Learning languages is vital if you want to achieve either of these goals.

Reasons for learning a new language

Learning languages isn’t just about work; it’s fun too!

Seeing your progress on a daily basis is the key to success and it keeps you motivated.
By learning with Lingualia, you can forget about out-dated methods based on lots of effort and discipline, we believe in interactivity and fun. With Lingualia, you can interact with other users from all over the globe via our social network, and you can check in with Lingu, your net, tailor-made language teacher.
Have fun while you learn! Lingualia only repeats the concepts which need a little extra work so that you can progress in no time at all; always fun and always in dynamic ways to keep you motivated.

Learn languages online with Lingualia

At Lingualia we have designed a system based on new technologies and current trends in teaching. Instead of reproducing the same old content which was created years ago, we have created cutting edge material and state of the art tools.
Put this to the test and you will see for yourself how quickly you advance. Learning with Lingualia is fast and requires minimal effort.
Lingualia adapts to your rhythm and your level. Even if you have just five minutes free time a day, you can make the most of your downtime while you’re on the bus, or even in the waiting room at the doctor’s.

fast progress

Fast Progress

You will notice your progress from the very first day and pick up new concepts with ease.


Very little effort

Lingualia is a revolutionary new system designed to help you learn with very little effort.

For all ages

You are never too old or too young to start learning a language.
It is something that everybody can achieve at any time in their life.


Lingualia is intelligent!

Out with the old, traditional language courses which are exactly the same for every single student. Lingu – your intelligent teacher – knows you, monitors your progress, and personalises the vocabulary and grammar exercises to perfectly suit your level and fit your needs.

Lingualia adapts to you

Lingu doesn’t believe in treating everyone the same; everyone is different! This is why we offer a totally personalised experience.
Why insist on revising concepts you already know? Lingu focuses on the areas which need a little extra work in order to strengthen your language skills across all areas.

Wherever you want

You can start learning from home, and pick up where you left of via your mobile phone on the way to work.

Lingualia wherever you want

time saver

Save time

Only got 5 minutes free while you’re on the bus?
With Lingualia you can make the most of your free time to carry on learning.