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There are almost two billion people learning English in the world right now: some for business, some for travel, some want to open doors to new career opportunities, and other just want to understand foreign music, books and films.

English in throughout the world

English in throughout the world

Official Language

Co-official Language

Reasons for learning English

  • English is the world’s most commonly language:

    1.5 billion people speak English and 2 billion more study it.

  • Travel made easy:

    English is spoken in 100 countries.

  • Improve your career prospects

    Nowadays English is a required skill for nearly all jobs.

Why learn English?

English is the common language which connects people all over the world; it’s the language of business.

English is the language used in almost all areas of knowledge, and once or twice it has been called the language of the world; it’s international and affects all fields and professions.Speaking English opens doors to new opportunities in the job market for everyone.

English is the language of business, economics, and the tourism sector where airlines have adopted it as an official language. It is also the language of entertainment (music and movies).

learn english

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