Hi, I’m Lingu!

I’m your made-to-measure intelligent language teacher.

My brain is full of artificial intelligence which means I learn from you. I’ll personalise your course to perfectly suit your needs, your free time, your exact level and your motivation.
That’s why you will advance much faster with a lot less effort.

Learning languages is easier with Lingu

Lingualia isn’t just a social network where you can learn languages and meet new friends; it’s got Lingu – your personalised, intelligent teacher who adapts each course to meet unique requirements of every user.

No two students are alike; they all have different time restraints, levels, motivation, and strengths. Many people choose to learn languages to improve their job prospects, or to open doors to promotions or a raise. Many choose to learn languages because they are interested in foreign cultures and travel. Then there are people who just want to meet people from different countries, and make new friends from all over the world.

Lingu analyses every single student to determine what drives them and how much time they can afford to invest, he pinpoints their exact level across various disciplines, and with all that information, he designs a totally personalised learning experience.

lingu intelligent

Lingu is intelligent

With Lingu, you can forget about out-dated, monotonous languages courses which are the same for everyone. Lingu automatically monitors your progress and personalises the vocabulary and grammar exercises to suit your level.

lingu practice

Learn by “doing”

You will advance without even realising it.
Lingu will ask series of questions in order to get to know your strengths and weaknesses. He will guide you through the areas which need a little more work and provide you with a full, personal assessment.
Learning with Lingu is fun, less effort, and you’ll see results in no time at all.

Revise with Lingu

Revise with Lingu

Lingu will be on hand throughout your journey through Lingualia.
In the same way that he monitors your progress, he will help you revise all concepts you have learnt to ensure that the grammar and vocabulary stays fresh in your mind; especially those trickier topics.
Lingu will help you to fully understand and retain all grammar and vocabulary over time.

Lingu’s assessments

Lingu’s assessments

Thanks to Lingu’s complete, personal assessments, you will be have access to a detailed breakdown of your progress across all areas: grammar, vocabulary, phonetics and dialogues.
Lingu will highlight all the new concepts you have learnt, one by one, so you can see for yourself how much closer you are to achieving your goal of learning a new language.