English Grammar

Learn to use English grammar correctly; verbs, pronouns, adjectives, etc. At Lingualia we base our teaching on practical situations which is why we developed LinguLearning, in addition to this, we also include grammar flashcards which act as a reference for those users who like to have more information about certain grammar topics such as exceptions or alternatives.

Furthermore, at all times, you’ll see the button “see explanation” which will take you to the flashcard itself. Learning grammar effectively will improve your English fluency and help you to progress even faster along your language-learning journey.

Example of an English grammar flashcard:

Why is grammar important?

A solid understanding of English grammar will help you to use the language more confidently meaning you will enjoy more fluent conversations. You’ll be able to communicate at a higher level.

At Lingualia, we have developed a system with which you will gradually learn correct SpEnglish anish grammatical structures with very little effort. Forget about complicated grammar rules; everything on the course is based on practical situations promoting a natural progression through the language-learning process. Thanks to this system, your written work (orthography) will come on leaps and bounds, you’ll quickly learn to create correctly structures sentences (syntax), and you’ll gradually understand the components used in each phrase (morphology).

You will easily pick up all of these aspects by listening carefully and practising your reading skills, no extra effort required! Before you know it, your communication skills will greatly improve across all areas of your life: at work, at university, when you’re out with friends, or when using the chat service. Sign up to Lingualia now, and start improving your grammar with hardly any effort at all!

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