English Pronunciation

Learn to communicate with and speak to other people in English. The Lingualia English course includes simple phonetics flashcards with over 8,000 different audios to improve your English pronunciation.

Example of a phonetics flashcard:

Why is pronunciation important?

Poor pronunciation can lead to communication mistakes which go to show a poor grasp of the language. At Lingualia, we place a lot of importance on phonetics, the pronunciation of the language, communicating, and making ourselves understood. The study of phonetics includes practising rhythm, intonation, perception and production of sounds, in order to communicate correctly without making common mistakes.

You will find more than 200 groups of phonetics flashcards and some 8,000 different audios to help you practise and perfect your English pronunciation. Along with easy-to-understand grammar flashcards, and over 3.000 words of vocabulary with audios and images, Lingualia is the most complete language tool around to help you learn English. Sign up free now and start listening, practising and speaking English!

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