Spanish Vocabulary

Learn thousands of important Spanish words and expressions with the help of images and audio.

The Spanish course includes more than 3,000 expressions and vocabulary words, accompanied by audio to help improve your pronunciation, a definition, and an example of usage to help you associate the word of phrase and facilitate learning.

Here’s an example of Spanish vocabulary:

Why is vocabulary important?

Having a solid base of vocabulary is fundamental for written comprehension and listening. The more words you know, the better you will understand a written text or a conversation.

Learning a word means you are able to remember it whenever you may need, that you understand its correct meaning, that you know how to properly pronounce it and apply it to appropriate situations. Learning words enriches both your written and spoken communication skills.

Learning lots of vocabulary can be a complex process, but here at Lingualia, our method is based upon a natural memorisation process using flashcards with images, audio, definitions, and the most important thing; examples of real-life usage. Thanks to this really simple system, you’ll streamline the vocabulary acquisition process.

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