Spanish Lessons

Lingualia includes 200 Spanish lessons divided into four levels: A1, A2, B1, and B2. The aim of each lesson is to learn a new concept and ultimately progress quickly with very little effort. The lessons always include: dialogues with audios, vocabulary, grammar flashcards, phonetics, and a final checkpoint where Lingu carries out a detailed evaluation of your progress, and where you get to revise concepts which you have learnt, while practising online.

Spanish Lessons

What is included in each Spanish lesson?

Dialogues | To improve your understanding of spoken English
Vocabulary | With audios, images and examples of use
Phonetics | To improve and practise your phonetics
Grammar | Rules to improve your use of English

Practise with Lingu

Upon completing each Spanish lesson, you’ll come across Lingu, your tailor-made, intelligent teacher, who has been monitoring your progress and evaluating your knowledge. With Lingu, you can put everything you have learnt, in every single lesson to the test. Aside from giving you a detailed breakdown of your results and concepts learnt, Lingu will point you towards the areas which may need a little extra work.

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